Introduction to electronics

Learn the theory behind our fun projects!

Circuit – when we connect a power source to a component that does something, like a light or motor and electricity flows from the + terminal of the battery to the – terminal.
Wearables – electronics components designed to be sewn into fabric. Washable and durable. See Lilypad and Adafruit brands.
Short Circuit – when a direct connection happens between + and – terminals of the battery and the circuit does not work as intended

Connectors – wires, conductive thread, paint and fabric, copper foil tape – conductors used to connect components and power sources
LED – Light Emitting Diode – a light source, used in many appliances. LED’s have a + and – terminal and must be connected correctly to the + and – terminal of the battery.
Power Sources – ways of providing power to your circuit including battery packs, coin cells (CR2032 often used in hobby projects) and solar cells. Also includes usb power cables and adaptors that plug into the mains. There is always a positive terminal and a negative terminal of a battery.
Switches – used to connect and disconnect the circuit in a controllable way
Circuit Stickers – type of electronic component made for sticking on paper, including LEDS and fade and blink effects

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