Technology Workshops

Would you like to know more about modern technologies? Improve your skills and knowledge by doing some workshops with me!

While learning about robotics, I realised that picking up new technologies can sometimes be intimidating but it’s not always as hard as you think. The main thing is to build confidence and give it a go. I want to share my learnings with as many people as possible. Creating brings joy and takes us to a childlike exploration state that allows us to get the most out of life. Keep yourself motivated and get comfortable with technology.

Halloween Crafting Jam

29 October 2020

Make the Jack-o-Lantern and learn about basic wearables circuits using LEDS, conductive thread, and a wearable battery holder. (L1 level of learning) More…

XMAS Electro-Card Crafting Jams

In December I will be running 1h Xmas Electro-card workshops using circuit sticker LEDS, copper tape and coin cell batteries, along with festive themed cardboards and other fun crafting items. More…

I’ll also be doing a special card workshop on Xmas Day, 25 December 2020, for anyone that feels they want a bit of extra cheer on the day itself 🤶🏽 More…

XMAS Electro-Crafting Jams

In December I will offer some fun workshops using LEDs, preprogrammed effects and programming.

These will be online classes where the kits will be sent to you ahead of time. Hang out with nice people, learn some new skills while getting in the xmas spirit in a fun way. More…

Learn electronics and crafting gradually

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