RoboRabbit-Labs Halloween Electro-Crafting Jam 29/10/20

Keep the spooks away this Halloween in a live crafting session with this cutie 👻🎃

Join this intimate group crafting workshop and create a light up Jack-o-Lantern

Live Halloween Jam

In a live 1.5-2 hour class, we will create a Jack-o-Lantern ornament for Halloween using felt and wearables electronics. Learn how to connect a fabric circuit using conductive thread, LED sequins and power it using a coin cell battery holder. Sew it all together to make a cute and spooky Halloween favour. Sign up in time to receive your kit in the post (FYI Kit is dark orange) No programming will be done, this is a simple LED and battery circuit. You can complete the project with simple stitching. Have a pen and scissors on hand.

Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Jam Kit
Kit +Live Halloween Jam + YT

Thursday 29 October 2020, 18h00-20h00 CET


In packaged mailed to you:

  1. Paper print out of cutting guides
  2. Written instructions
  3. Link to youtube instructions
  4. Orange felt
  5. Yellow felt
  6. Black felt
  7. Black embroidery thread
  8. Yellow embroidery thread
  9. Foil wrapped string for hanging
  10. LED Sequins
  11. Coin cell battery holder
  12. Stainless steel conductive thread
  13. Coin cell battery
  14. Sewing needle


  1. Calendar invite
  2. Online jam session

You should supply:

  1. Scissors
  2. Pencil or some kind of light marker or pen to draw the cutting guidelines
  3. Office pins (optional)
  4. Regular thread (optional)
  5. Iron (optional)
  6. Clear nail polish (optional)

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