Our mission

At RoboRabbit-Labs we believe that robots should be a part of our daily lives and that it’s already possible to make this a reality. Our mission is to make social robots as ubiquitous as mobile phones. Think of robots as the next platform that revolutionises the way we live and brings more leisure and utility to our lives. Every function that we do at home could be far more automated than it is.

Haven’t you always wished for more free time? Well start thinking about what you will do with it!

Our approach

Social capabilities help robots to communicate more effectively with people. Robots should be collaborators, working with us in our homes for a cleaner, more modern and better home environment. At RoboRabbit-Labs we think that robots will make a positive contribution much faster with the right software. Consider how mobile phones came into our lives – initially most people denied ever needing a mobile phone. But since they became more capable, costs came down and software improved, many people have multiple mobile phones. Imagine how this could develop for robots. What application would prompt you overcome the barrier to buying a robot?

Focus areas

These are the projects that we think are interesting right now:

Software: Apps to use around the house

What can robots do for you today? The robots that we can currently buy are not yet strong, adaptive or dexterous enough to do all our household tasks. So what can we do with the current capabilities of robots? You basically have a camera and mobility, so a natural conclusion is an app that allows you to see the home while you are away: we’re building a house sitting app!

Software: Social robots for kids

If you had a way to enrich your child’s learning experiences, to stimulate them and give them a playmate that could open up the world to them, wouldn’t you jump at it? At RoboRabbit-Labs we would like to make this a reality by creating games and applications for robots to aid in child learning and development. Consider a robot that invites your child to engage in different educational activities and that has access to child-safe information. This robot could make homework more fun and interactive, and increase the value they get out of homework and other basic learning activities.

Hardware: Cleaning robot

Cleaning is boring and difficult work. These days due to modern cleaning products and a change in modern lifestyles we spend less time cleaning than before. If you had the choice, wouldn’t you want a spotless bathroom and kitchen every day? It would be like living in a hotel. Imagine if thousands of people could have that kind of comfort – it would constitute an increase in general living standards and free time. We think that is a reward well worth pursuing.

Guiding principles

Robots should do no harm.

Robots should add value to our lives and enrich humanity.

The robot revolution should be affordable.

Keep things as simple as possible.

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