Xmas Tree Electro-craft kit

It’s finally here! The run-up to Xmas and cosy crafts to warm up our cold winter evenings!

I have put together a special festive kit to represent fun, joy and home, while teaching electronics and crafting skills.

This xmas tree contains a special circuit with 5 LEDs, lit up with 3 different effects, using a logic controller chip (no programming will be required!)

The instructions for this kit will be provided on youtube and it can be constructed in several sessions at your own pace.

There is plenty of room to customise your tree, using embroidery effects, fancy string and 6 squares of felt to make decorations!

Each kit is unique because of the variety of designs you can make with additional felt, different colours of thread and variation in bells and beads.

This kit can be purchased on Etsy.

What’s included?

  • Red felt backing, Green felt tree outer and inner, Brown felt trunk, Yellow felt star
  • 6 square of felt to decorate (colours will vary)
  • 4 various colours embroidery cotton (colours will vary)
  • Large needle
  • 2 Office pins
  • Decorative string
  • Disco beads (colours will vary)
  • Bells (colours will vary)
  • Conductive thread
  • Coin cell battery holder
  • Controller to create different blinking lighting effects
  • 5 white sewable LED sequin lights

Size: Backing is 20cm x 30cm

You should supply:

  • 1 x CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Strong scissors
  • Ability to watch a youtube video

Instruction Videos:

  • Basic sewing
  • Different embroidery techniques
  • Basics of electronic circuits
  • Sewing wearable circuits
  • Instructions to construct the Christmas tree

Get help and share your ideas and progress with the community on the RoboRabbit-Labs Facebook page!

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