FAQ Page

Refund policy

You can get a full refund until I’ve shipped the kit. Thereafter, sorry, I cannot give you a refund.

I’ve missed the live session, what can I do?

There will always be a Youtube video, the link sent out after the live workshop, which you can use to complete your project or to remember any techniques you want to use later. There will also be an instruction sheet to help guide you.

When will my kit ship?

Sometimes I will have to wait for stock delivery and the shipping of kits might have to wait a bit after you’ve paid. They will always ship by a week before the workshop or I will discuss a refund.

What video conferencing software do you use for the live sessions?

Right now, I am using Google Meet. You shouldn’t need a google account or have to install anything to participate.

Do I have to share my video during the session?

Yes it is most advisable, to share in the social interaction and learn from each other.

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