Technology Workshops

Would you like to know more about modern technologies? Improve your skills and knowledge by doing some workshops with me!
While learning about robotics, I realised that picking up new technologies can sometimes be intimidating but it’s not always as hard as you think. The main thing is to build confidence and give it a go. I want to share my learnings with as many people as possible.
Here are some workshops I would like to deliver:
  • First time Arduino users (intro to Arduino)
  • Make a greeting card with lights
  • Make a Christmas decoration with light effects
  • Use online tools to create your first mobile app
  • Create a wordpress website
  • Arduino moisture sensor for plants
  • Setting up dimmable lights (smart home)

If you might want to join some of these workshops in the fall, please sign up for updates below. They will be in the Amsterdam area. I won’t use your personal information for purposes other than updates on courses.

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