Social robots, software and education

After doing some research on existing social robots that have for instance appeared at CES, including Rosie from Aeolus, Buddy from Blue Frog Robotics and Jibo, I settled on the idea that what social robots need to really be successful is a killer app.

I believe that robots are one of the most impactful platforms of our near future, along with AR/VR and our own bodies in terms of transhumanism. Good applications will be the one way for such platforms to succeed – just like with the mobile phone, along with access to the internet and processing capabilities. What is missing now is convincing and engaging communications, and value adding apps and functions at a reasonable price in a range of about €0-2000.

With RoboRabbit-Labs I want to create applications that feel natural in terms of interaction and prove the value of service robots to normal people. This means robots that communicate effectively for human beings, with a natural interaction flow.

There is opportunity in the area of children’s games and entertainment, in terms of adding more value during play and helping children learn.

How can we best make use of the particular attributes of a robot during learning and play? A robot can be a smart companion, engaging the child with interesting and fun interaction. It should use its body and other output capabilities and enrich play and recall by interacting through voice, gestures and visual aids.

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