Robots spotted in the wild: Bellabot Waiter Robot by Pudu

Recently with friends at our favourite Asian restaurant (Mchi in Ijburg – FYI the food was great and each plate left empty!), we encountered some Bellabots working as assistants to the restaurant staff. I was with my buddy Vikram Radhakrishnan, who is also crazy about robots and my partner Renze de Vries, who has made quite a few robots himself – check out his Youtube channel here). We worked on the Anki Vector project together back in 2019 – time flies when you’re in lockdown. Imagine our excitement to find these amazing robots serving dinner to patrons as if it was the most natural thing in the world! That really made our day!

These robots are also super cute – they have cat ears and when the service screen is not displayed, it shows a cat face. We’re all crazy about cats so our minds were completely blown by these robots.

Vikram interacting with the robot, under supervision from really friendly staff.
Two robots performing different functions

These robots have collision avoidance, they were able to avoid the waiting staff, and they are programmed with table numbers and the dishwasher location for example. One also played happy birthday in Dutch for one of the tables as you can see but not hear properly in the video below:

Well, you know, by now I’m really excited to know more about the technology and company behind these robots so here goes:

Bellabot Youtube Channel

Here are more products from Pudu

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting this new robot with me.

Thanks and see you next time.

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