The New Future NFT Exhibition at MOCO Museum in Amsterdam

A few months ago we went to the MOCO Museum’s the New Future NFT exhibition.

If that sentence only raises questions in your mind, you can be forgiven!

NFT stands for non fungible token, and its a term used to represent digital assets like videos and images that have been put onto the blockchain to record ownership. It should revolutionise the art world and allow artists to be properly credited for their work. The assets in this exhibition are owned by one owner, 33NFT, who has over 1000 NFT’s.

Here is an impression of what you can see at the exhibition:

Why go to the exhibition?

  • The art on display is beautiful and futuristic
  • What you’re looking at is stunning digital art on a large display screen
  • The topics of the art are thought provoking
  • Witness the dawn of a new age in artists royalties and rights
  • Learn something about NFT’s, blockchain technology and be a part of the dawn of a new age.
  • The complementary exhibitions of immersive digital and traditional art in the rest of the museum are breathtaking

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