What I did today – steps on the cleaning robot


The first usecase that I am focusing on is cleaning the bathroom counter and sink. To prove that this would work, I used a little motor with a disc on the end, covered in cleaning wipes. The motor turned the cleaning pad to clean a surface.

Next I designed a basic schematic of a cleaning arm:

Screenshot 2018-11-09 22.52.50

I broke the building of the arm into experiments, the first of which uses a linear actuator, Arduino Uno, distance sensor and pressure sensor (fsr). The (vertical) actuator moves downward on a guide until it gets close to the counter. It keeps extending slowly until the pressure sensor detects the desired level of force to be able to clean the counter.


Today I dismantled this setup to add it onto an aluminium frame, onto an arm I have been working on for some time.

The arm is composed of a the horizontal linear actuator that I made with v-slot format aluminium extrusions and a nema 17 stepper motor. The linear actuator moves a gantry on which the vertical linear actuator is mounted.

I have two stepper motors which I’m trying to attach to the arm to rotate the cleaning head and the arm itself, as seen in the schematic.


My new tool organiser – highlight of the day! That’s all for today – until next time.

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